Outdoor Sound Propagation and Monitoring for Sound Field Control Applications

Diego Caviedes Nozal

Background: A MSc in telecommunications from Valladolid University and a wish to combine his knowledge with sound, Diego transfered to Denmark and studied the MSc program on Engineering Acoustics at DTU Elektro. The main reason for focus in this field was due to a background as musician and audiophile and this boosted his passion for acoustic and vibration phenomena, focusing in solving sound DSP and physical acoustic issues.

Alongside his studies, working at “GRAS- Sound & Vibration” in the R&D department and then as a research assistant at the Acoustic Technology Group (ACT) at DTU Elektro, has taught him alot about the Danish work culture. 

Project: The main task of this PhD project is to develop an outdoor sound propagation model, to be integrated in an outdoor sound field control system used in concerts. The propagation model will also be used for prediction of sound levels and annoyance in the surrounding domestic areas. The data used for model updating will come from various Internet of Things devices - microphones, wind and temperature sensors, and video cameras.

Accurate estimates of the transfer functions between source and receiver positions are essential. The forward model needs to be updated to match the actual atmospheric/weather conditions, by use of Bayesian inference and machine learning.

Perspective: Diego believes that the ACT group at DTU Elektro is the best place to face this highly challenging project, and with an excellent team directly involved in the MONICA project, as well as the top environment and facilities, he counts on obtaining the best results.


Jonas Brunskog, Efrén Fernández Grand and Finn Agerkvist. (DTU Elektro)


Diego Caviedes Nozal
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7 APRIL 2020