Sound Field Control for Outdoor Concerts

Franz Maria Heuchel


Outdoor music events in urban environments face the challenge to both deliver an excellent concert experience and comply with the local regulations on sound exposure of neighbouring residential areas. If the restrictions lead to low sound pressure levels (SPL) inside the audience area, the audio experience will degrade severely as high SPL is an essential part of the concert experience. Low frequencies are propagating especially far and can be focussed the least onto audience areas due to their large wavelength in relation to the size of common line array systems.



This project investigates the use of active sound field control methods for improved focusing and bounding of low frequency sound energy on the audience area while avoiding sound spill to sensitive neighboring areas. It is part of the EU Project MONICA, which explores use of smart IoT devices for applications at large scale outdoor events.



Enhancing the trade-off between concert experience and neighbor annoyance will lead to more acceptance of cultural events close to residential areas limits and thus to an improved cultural life our fellow citizens.


Supervisors: Finn T. Agerkvist, Efrén Fernandez Grande, Jonas Brunskog (DTU Elektro)


Franz Maria Heuchel
PhD student
DTU Electrical Engineering
7 APRIL 2020