Metamaterials for Increased Sound Insulation

Javier Hernan Vazquez Torre


The importance of sound insulation has increased in cities with the ever growing population. Too much noise is not only bad for the environment but for humans too. Acoustic metamaterials have emerged as a possible solution to this problem, given their extraordinary properties not found in natural materials with respect to sound and vibration. They owe this properties to internal subwavelength periodic structures.



This project will investigate the possibilities of using metamaterials for increasing the sound insulation of walls. The goal of the project will be to increase the sound insulation at constant mass per unit area, addressing specially the coincidence effect phenomena, the mass-spring-mass resonance of double leaf walls and flanking transmission.



It is expected to design and build structures that meet the objectives set for this project.



Jonas Brunskog & Vicente Cutanda Henriquez - DTU Elektro


Javier Hernan Vazquez
PhD student
DTU Electrical Engineering
7 APRIL 2020