Effective tools for noise source identification.

The aim of the project is to develop new measurement and processing tools that can identify effectively the sound radiated by sources of noise. There are two ways in which this objective is pursued: based on the development of new acoustic array technology, and by examining new acoustical quantities that describe the net energy that a source couples into the medium.

An advanced space-processing method has been developed that relates the far-field output of a source to its near-field, as if “projecting” the far-field sound onto the source itself. Additionally, a reconstruction method based on acousto-optic tomography has been proposed, and the use of spherical microphone arrays has been generalized to arbitrary sound fields, introducing a scattering compensation that makes the spherical array virtually transparent.

The ndings of the project are encouraging, since the proposed methods can provide an alternative view of acoustic sources with great potential for identifying the regions of a source that radiate sound eectively.

To be completed: 2016


Efren Fernandez Grande
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
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7 APRIL 2020