Improvement of sound radiation using metamaterial

The objective of this project is improving sound radiation of a panel structure using metamaterial. Metamaterial is an artificial material that has unusual properties. For decades, metamaterials have gotten attention to producing a novel effect in acoustic applications. Noise reduction, waveguiding are the main applications of metamaterials. This project focus on the innovative use of metamaterial for sound radiation.

The key idea is using bandgap phenomena to localize vibrations on a panel and minimize the interferences between radiated acoustic waves. The localized vibration makes the piston-like radiation as described in the figure below.
This project will begin with the demonstration of the piston-like radiation and will be extended to the engineering methods to benefit fully from metamaterial.

Results of the research can be applied for practical applications such as the flat panel speaker.

Acoustic pressure field (2800 Hz)

This project is a part of signature project funded by DTU.

To be completed: 2020
Name of supervisors: Jakob Søndergaard Jensen, Cheol-Ho Jeong, (DTU Elektro




Jaesoon Jung
DTU Electrical Engineering
7 APRIL 2020