Systematic Design of Bandgap Microstructure for Miniaturized Acoustic-Mechanical Devices

One of the important challenges in developing Acoustic-Mechanical Devices (AMD) such as hearing aids is to obtain the best possible acoustic/vibrational performance combined with the smallest possible size for comfortable wear and discrete appearance. A continued quest for miniaturization of lightweight AMD challenges the design strategies for tuning the geometrical configurations to reduce undesirable vibrations and sound radiation.


The technological solutions that will be investigated and developed in the project are unique, feasible, and effective in developing progressive miniaturization of AMD mainly hearing aid designs.



Figur 1 The bandgap phenomenon is observed in the result of the vibro-acoustic analysis of an acoustic cavity with a periodic structure made from the unit cell. One of the proposed tasks will investigate the physics of bandgap microstructure for Acoustic Mechanical Devices (mainly Hearing Aids); geometrical configurations, material properties of the unit cell as well as frequency of interest.


To be completed in 2017
7 APRIL 2020