Real-time sound field control for a large-scale outdoor cultural event

For last three decades, the theory and implementation methodology to control sound field at desired region using a massive number of loudspeaker set are well established. However, most of the applications are still limited to use for an indoor room with at most the size of a movie theater, playing preprocessed sound content.

In this project, we seek for practical solutions to extend the use of the sound field control technology to a large-scale, even for the outdoor environment. We aim to focus on three different conditions, 1) An acoustically large-scale venue, 2) Concurrent real-time input signal, and 3) Varying acoustic conditions.

In a large-scale venue, a single sound event arrives in different time for the different positions. This ‘large-scale” condition imposes various physical, psycho-acoustical constraint real-time issues, many conventional implementation methodologies cannot solve. Processing concurrent real-time input signal requires state-of-art DSP techniques for implementation. Furthermore, efficient and sensible regularization schemes that produce the robust solution of controlling the sound field is indispensable for the varying acoustic conditions in the venue.

This project will give a practical guideline to the problem of applying conventional sound field control technology to a real world with harsh conditions and would be an asset for the future use.

This project is a part of MONICA project co-funded by the European Union

To be completed: End of 2019


Minho Song
DTU Electrical Engineering
7 APRIL 2020