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Friday 06 Jan 17


Finn T. Agerkvist
Head of Group, Associate professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 39 41


Diego Caviedes Nozal
PhD student
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 91 85 86 81


Franz Maria Heuchel
PhD student
DTU Electrical Engineering

DTU’s Department of Electrical Engineering is one of 28 international partners, extending over several major European cities. The successful grant will provide 2-3 PhD projects and a post-doc position

MONICA, which stands for Management Of Networked IoT Wearables aims at providing a very large scale demonstration of multiple existing and new Internet of Things technologies for Smarter Living. The solution will be deployed in 6 major cities in Europe and demonstrates a large scale IoT ecosystem that uses innovative wearable and portable IoT sensors and actuators with closed-loop back-end services integrated into an interoperable, cloud-based platform capable of offering a multitude of simultaneous, targeted applications. MONICA is one of the largest scale IoT platform demonstrations ever, thanks to cheap wearables and legacy Smartphones.

"Our goal is to both give the audience a better listening experience while at the same time ensuring that the concert sound is not an irritation to the surroundings. "
Finn Agerkvist - Leader of Acoustic Tecnology Group

The objectives for the Acoustic Technology Group is to deploy components that can mitigate noise annoyance with neighbours and non-participating visitors during outdoor musical events. The main approach to do so is using an Adaptive Sound Field Control System (ASFC), consisting of loudspeaker arrays with an adaptive model updating system that adjusts for changes in climate and audience configuration. The ASFC will be developed as a Sound Zone System (SZS) and will be intergrated with the organisers Public Address (PA) system into the Acoustic Closed Loop System. The WP also contains a noise monitoring system. Data for the model updating of the ASFC will be provided by stationary and wearable IoT sensors and apps and two short descriptions of the two Projects can be seen below:

Diego Caviedes Nozal: Sound Field Control for Outdoor Concerts & Outdoor Sound Propagation and Monitoring for Sound Field Control Applications, which is within the core competences of the Acoustic Technology Group and involves general acoustics, signal processing and electro-acoustics. The focus being on the sound field originating from outdoor concerts which will be adaptively controlled using model updating and taking into account weather conditions etc. The strategies chosen will be tested in real outdoor concerts.   

Franz Heuchel: Sound Field Control for Outdoor Concerts aims at moving the sound field control methods out of the laboratory and into the real world with all the complications of meteorological conditions. The plan for the project follows the well-structured overall plan of the MONICA project and includes several pilot test in European cities. The project is expected to significantly improve the concert experience for audience and to reduce the annoyance for the neighboring areas.   


Read more about MONICA here and here


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