Completed PhD projects

Here you can find an overview of the PhD projects which have been completed at the ACT Group.

Metamaterials for Increased Sound Insulation
By Javier Hernan Vazquez Torre. Completed in 2021

A Quiet Zone System for Open Air Concerts
By Daniel Plewe. Completed in 2021

Optimization of Loudspeakers Using Material and Shape Optimization
By Daniel Gert Nielsen. Completed in 2021

Efficient low frequency room acoustic modelling
By Boris Jean Francois Mondet. Completed in 2020

Architecture and acoustics: An improved design process using integrated hybrid room acoustic simulations.
By Finnur Kári Pind Jörgensson

Outdoor Sound Propagation and Monitoring for Sound Field Control Applications
By Diego Caviedes Nozal. Completed in 2020

Sound Field Control for Outdoor Concerts
By Franz Maria Heuchel. Completed in 2020

Effect of room acoustics and head movements on aided and unaided sound-field auditory steady state response (ASSR) measurments
By Valentina Zapata Rodriguez. Completed in 2020

Topology optimization of acoustic-mechanical interaction
By Sümer Bartug Dilgen. Completed in 2020

Nonlinear fractional order derivative models of components and materials in hearing aids and transducers
By Alexander Weider King. Completed in 2019

Characterization of acoustic properties of surfaces based on spatio-temporal information
By Antoine Richard. Completed in 2019

Experimental and numerical characterization of nano-filled polyers for thin-walled micro components.
By Saeed Doagou Rad. Completed in 2019

Characterization of diffusivity based on spherical array processing
By Mélanie Nolan. Completed in 2018

Numerical and Experimental Study of the Acoustical-Mechanical Interaction at the Micro Scale including Losses
By Peter Risby Andersen. Completed in 2018

Computational reduction techniques for numerical vibro-acoustic analysis of hearing aids
By Ester Creixell Mediante. Completed in 2018

Modeling and imaging of the vocal fold vibration for voice health.
By Alba Granados Correllas. Completed in 2016

Room acoustic simulation tool for the optimization of absorbing ceilings.
By Gerd Høy Marbjerg. Completed 2016