Highly Absorbing Metamaterials for Broadband Applications

Diana Maria Garza Agudelo


The development of sound absorbing materials is a very active research field. And recently, there has been an increased academic interest in exploiting the potential that acoustic metamaterials have shown for sound absorption applications. Nevertheless, the use of this type of elements in real engineering projects is very limited, which shows a need to close the gap between the scientific developments and the specific requirements of practical applications.


In this project, the main hypothesis is that , using non-traditional materials, new engineering solutions can be developed that can outperform traditional options, taking into account application-specific requirements in terms of acoustical properties, such as bandwidth, and absorption capability; and non-acoustical properties, such as manufacturability, installation requirements, durability and robustness.


The approach proposed for this project, combines the use of numerical tools and optimization techniques for the development of the novel designs; and a validation stage, in which prototypes will be materialized and characterized.

The project will be completed in 2022


Vicente Cutanda Henriquez & Cheol-Ho Jeong (DTU Elektro)


Diana Maria Garza Agudelo
PhD student
DTU Electro
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