Active noise control for open air live events at low frequencies

Pierangelo Libianchi

Background: It is hard to please both the audience and neighbors when an open air event take place close to residential areas. High pressure levels and strong low frequency make concerts a powerful and potentially annoying noise sources for residents. On the other hand, those aspect are an integral part of the experience that audiences are looking for.


Project: Low frequency emissions needs to be controlled to reduce annoyance for the neighbors and comply with noise regulations while, at the same time, it needs to go unnoticed by the audience. A second set of directive subwoofers, placed at the end of the audience can be employed to control such noise emissions. Suitable driving signal for such sources can be obtained with proper characterization of the venue and knowledge of weather conditions.


Perspective: The scope of the project is to provide a reliable and practical method for optimal source placement and driving signals design accounting for changing weather conditions.



Name of supervisor(-s): Finn T. Agerkvist (DTU), Jonas Brunskog (DTU), Efrén Fernandez Grande (DTU) and Elena Shabalina (d&b audiotechnik)


To be completed: 2022