Acoustic Array Processing and Sound Field Analysis in Rooms


Current acoustic sensing methods, based on microphone arrays, are not capable of capturing the spatial properties of sound fields over large volumes; e.g. in a room, concert hall or other building interior. The objective of this project is to investigate and develop volumetric sensing methods to capture and characterize effectively the sound field in the entire volume of a room.


The hypothesis is that alternative sensing principles (e.g. the acousto-optic effect) can be better suited to capture the sound field in a room. A sensing method will be developed, tested in real-world rooms and validated by means of extensive pressure measurements with a programmable robotic arm.


The projects aim is to investigate novel sensing principles to capture sound in large volumes, which in turn can lead to a better understanding of the acoustic properties of a room.


Efren Fernandez Grande and Finn T. Agerkvist

The project will be completed in 2021



Samuel Arturo Verburg Riezu
DTU Electro
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