3D Phononic-Fluidic Systems for Liquid Mixture Analysis

Yauheni Belahurau

Background: Interconnecting phononic crystals with a fluidic cavity resonator allows to combine the ultrasonic and resonant acoustic sensor principles within a single element. As a result, this concept significantly enhances the resolution of the resonance signal and, therefore, can be used for highly sensitive measurements of the volumetric fluid properties inside the cavity.

Project: We are planning to perform design of 3D phononic-fluidic sensor element by the help of numerical modelling and topology optimization methods taking into account fabrication process features. In addition, the prototyping of sensor elements will be done through developing new additive manufacturing methods and improvement currently available ones.

Perspectives: We expect to develop a fundamentally new class of phononic-fluidic for the analysis of a variety of liquids: from simple ones like water and alcohols, clean mixtures and solutions to complex ones like cell cultures.

The project will be completed in 2023

Supervisors: Frieder Lucklum, Jacob Søndergaard Jensen



Yauheni Belahurau
PhD student
DTU Electro