Transmission rooms

To measure the transmission loss of building elements, Acoustic Technology possesses a testing suite consisting of three reverberate rooms of about 240 cubic metres each. Two of them are placed side by side, and the third one below one of the others.

In an independently founded concrete frame, wall elements, windows and doors may be built and tested for airborne sound transmission by measuring the sound pressure levels or sound intensity levels in the two rooms on each side of the test object. Openings in the floor and ceiling of the rooms placed on top of each other allow mounting and testing of airborne as well as impact sound insulation of floor/ceiling partitions.

The two rooms side by side are both equipped with sound diffusing elements on the walls and ceiling, while in the lower room diffusing panels are distributed inside the room volume. Along with long reverberation times, this sound diffusing treatment ensures an even distribution of the sound energy in the room which is important for the accuracy of the measurements.


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