Acoustic Technology and Centre for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems carry out a considerable amount of research in cooperation with industrial partners in the form of Industrial PhD projects. Most of our MSc projects are carried out in cooperation with companies, and engineers and researchers from our industrial partners regularly appear as guest lecturers in our courses.

Significant industrial partners include the three Danish hearing aid companies, Oticon, Widex and GN ReSound, the electroacoustic industry, transducer manufacturers, Brüel & Kjær, engineering consultancies and members of GTS (advanced technology group).

A number of ongoing or recent industrial projects are listed below.


Ester Creixell Mediante: Computational reduction techniques for numerical vibro-acoustic analysis of hearing aids (Oticon)

Valentina Zapata Rodriquez: Effect of room acoustics and head movements on aided and unaided sound-field auditory steady state response (ASSR) Measurements (Interacoustics Research Unit)

Finnur Kári Pind Jörgensen: Architecture and acoustics: An improved design process using Integrated hybrid room acoustic simulations (Henning Larsen Architects)

Boris Jean-Francois Mondet: Efficient low frequency room acoustic modelling (Odeon


Thea Mathilde Larsen: Study of noise and acoustic conditions at Danish hospitals (Ecophon) – 2017

Jonathan Alexander: Approaches to modelling pressure gradient microphones (DPA microphones)

Martin Lauridsen: Embedded room acoustic modelling in parametric design (Ecophon) - 2017

Konstantinos Bakoulas: Optimization of an energy-based room acoustics model that considers scattering and non-uniform absorption (Ecophon) – 2017

Yoahann Daniel: A practical soundscape approach for city noise (Delta and Miljøpunkt Indre By-Christianshavn) – 2017

Jakob Nygård Wincentz: Characterization of stage acoustics in two modern concert halls (Gade-Mortensen) – 2017