Elisabet Tiana Roig successfully defends her PhD project

Friday 05 Dec 14



Cheol-Ho Jeong
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 39 34

On Thursday 27th November Elisabet Tiana Roig successfully defended her PhD project entitled:  Eigenbeamforming array systems for sound source localization.








Microphone array technology has been widely used for the localization of sound sources. In particular, beamforming is a well-established signal processing method that maps the position of acoustic sources by steering the array transducers toward different directions electronically. The present PhD study aims at enhancing the performance of uniform circular arrays, and to a lesser extent, spherical arrays, for two- and three-dimensional localization problems respectively.

Elisabets work presents a wide scope of research, starting from array processing methods such a beamfroming and direction of arrival estimation to the design of array configurations, e.g. the effect of scattering objects on performance, and the analysis of measurements taken from real array systems. The most interesting contribution of the study is perhaps the adaption and application of deconvolution methods to eigenbeamiforming with circular arrays. Three de-convolution methods are investigated and it is demonstrated how the resolution of a circular array potentially can be much improved.

The examiners agreed that Elisabets thesis was well written and easy to follow and presented in a logical and clear style. The work is unique and may be of great interest in this research field.  Elisabet gave the impression of being very knowledgable of the field and the committee was very satisfied that Elisabet met all the requirements of a PhD.   

Congratulations to Elisabet on her acheivement. 

Principle supervisors: Associate professor Cheol-Ho Jeong, (Associate professor Finn Jacobsen)

Co-supervisor: Finn Agerkvist

Examiners: Professor Boaz Rafaely, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Dr. Wook-Keun Song, Bruél & Kjær, Denmark

Associate professor Peter Møller Juhl, University of Southern Denmark (Chairman)

Chaiman of the Defence: Professor Torsten Dau



Elisabet with her Mother after the defence                Elisabet celebrates with her Grandmother

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