l-r: Professor Ning Xiang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, Lecturer Jonathan Hargreaves, University of Salford, UK, Antoine Richard & Associate Professor Finn T. Agerkvist, DTU Elektro

PhD thesis sucessfully defended by Antoine Philippe André Richard

Friday 22 Mar 19

Antoine Richard's doctoral dissertation entitled 'Characterization of acoustic properties of surfaces based on spatio-temporal information' develops methods to characterize sound absorption and scattering properties of surface materials used e.g. in room acoustics. This is a very well written dissertation that addresses an important and timely topic in a rigorous manner, since the limited availability of these properties for surfaces remains a limiting factor in room acoustic modelling.

Effort is given to in-situ capability of the methods and the work is verified by numerical tests and further validated through experimental investigations. It contains a reasonable balance of mathematical analysis, numerical simulation and experimental measurements. The dissertation contains several novel achievements - each of these are appropriately segregated into three archival peer-reviewed submissions and one report. These dissemination documents are well developed and comprise the bulk of the dissertation:

A: Measurement of angle-dependent absorption using a spherical near-field acoustic holographic array.

B: Comparison of planar and spherical array geometries for surface impedance estimation.

C: Estimation of scattering from pressure and particle velocity measurements over an enclosing surface.

D: Characterization of far-field scattering by considering only the front surface of a finite scatterer.

Antoine gave a very clear and excellent presentation and he answered all questions in a very satisfying manner, demonstrating genuine and deep understanding of the subject matter.

Congratulations to Antoine.






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