Batman and Robin visit the Acoustic Laboratories

Friday 08 Apr 16
by Nadia Jane Larsen

"We just need the perfect resonant frequency........."

"and we've found it...........224 Hz" - Alexander Weider King

Every object has a resonant frequency, which is the natural frequency at which something vibrates....

Because of their shape, wine glasses are particularly resonant. This means that a human singing voice, if it is the right resonant frequency, can indeed shatter a wine glass.

What about a large glass cabinet ? would seem that only Batman can do this.



DR3 "Mord på film" hosts, Sigurd Kongshøj and Stefan "Snake" Knudsen take a closer look at Batman and Robins glass shattering stunt to test whether it really is possible to break a glass with your voice.  

Research assistant Alexander King invited Sigurd and Snake into the laboratory at the Acoustic Technology group in order to see if Batman and Robin really are true superheros or only fictional comic book characters. The results may suprise you.

"All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine. "
Bruce Wayne  

slow-mo clip

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