Realistic auralisations from room acoustic simulations of smaller rooms with non-diffuse conditions

3D loudspeaker-based auralisations from room acoustic simulations are very useful for creating different listening conditions due to different room conditions. Applying them to listening tests can broaden the types of listening conditions that can be investigated. Listening tests are important in research and development of hearing aids, and in audiology and hearing research in general, e.g. for topics such as speech intelligibility and verbal communication. Much everyday communication takes place in smaller rooms such as offices and classrooms, and auralisations of these sorts of spaces are thus relevant both in terms of aiding the acoustic design process, as well as in terms of investigating speech communication in everyday listening environments. Simulation and auralisation of such rooms is therefore the topic of this project, and the aim is have physically and perceptually validated auralisation.

Funded by the Oticon foundation and Ecophon

To be finished 2019
7 APRIL 2020