Acoustic Technology and Centre for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems carry out a considerable amount of research in cooperation with industrial partners in the form of Industrial PhD projects. Most of our MSc projects are carried out in cooperation with companies, and engineers and researchers from our industrial partners regularly appear as guest lecturers in our courses.

Significant industrial partners include the three Danish hearing aid companies, Oticon, Widex and GN ReSound, the electroacoustic industry, transducer manufacturers, Brüel & Kjær, engineering consultancies and members of GTS (advanced technology group).

A number of ongoing or recent industrial projects are listed below.


Torsten Elmkjær:Active noise cancellation headset (Terma)

Yu Luan: Modelling structural acoustic properties of loudspeaker (Bang & Olufsen)

Guilin Ma: New strategies for feedback suppression in hearing instruments (Resound)

Joe Jensen: Nonlinear balanced armature receivers (Sonion)

Antoni Torras Rosell: New measurement techniques: Optical methods for characterising sound fields (Danish Fundamental Metrology)

Lars Friis: Minimising vibro-acoustic feedback in hearing aids (Widex)


Thomas Snaidero: Measuring HRTFs of Brüel & Kjær Type 4128-C,G.R.A.S. KEMAR Type 45BM, and Head Acoustics HMS II.3 Head and Torso Simulators (National Acoustic Laboratories, Australia) - 2014

Oliver Ackermann Lylloff: Efficient Nonnegative Least Squares Solvers for Beamforming Deconvolution (Brüel & Kjær) - 2014

Morten Halvorsen: Flux Modulation in the Electrodynamic Loudspeaker (PointSource Acoustics) -2014

David Svensson: Acoustic Comfort in Eating Establishments (Lloyd’s Register Consulting) - 2013

Jakob Brinck: Evaluation of Ambisonics for background noise reproduction in stanardized mobil phone testing (Brüel & Kjær) - 2013

Finnur Pind: Broadbank Hybrid Room Acoustic Simulations (Bang & Olufsen) - 2013

Steinar Gudjonsson: Acoustic calibration of microphone positions in an array (Brüel & Kjær) - 2013

Marco Ottink: Sound absorbers in free field at oblique incidence. (Lloyd's Register ODS) - 2013

Christoffer Klærke: Long term changes in the behaviour of the loudspeaker suspension (Dynaudio) - 2013

Ester Creixell Mediante: Sound recognition techniques: application to city noise (Bruël & Kjær) - 2012

Sidsel Marie Nørholm Sjøj: Noise localisation in a car (Brüel & Kjær) - 2012

Lars Boss Henrichsen: Robust speaker tracking to eliminate one out of several speakers from a single channel recording (Brüel & Kjær) - 2012

Martin Bo Møller and Martin Olsen: Sound zones (Bang & Olufsen) - 2011

Pedro Costa: Subjective and objective assessment of environmental noise annoyance (Brüel & Kjær) - 2011

Torbjørn Grønningen: Implementing Acoustic Criteria in a Universal Design Context for Builings (Brekke og Strand Akustikk AS) - 2011

Johan Grundvig: Application of the transmissibility method to contribution analysis for automotive noise (Brüel & Kjær) - 2011

Tobias Olesen: Acoustical criteria for classrooms, (Delta)- 2011

Lluís Cortes Mochales: Identification of modal parameters from transmissibility measurements (Brüel & Kjær)- 2011

Mads Bolbjerg: Numerical simulations of the influence of noise barriers (Delta) - 2010

Torben Nielsen: Beamforming for detection of bearing failures in railway bogie wheels (Lloyd’s Register ODS) - 2010

Angeliki Xenaki: Improvement of the resolution in beamforming by spatial deconvolution (Brüel & Kjær) - 2010
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