Reverberation Room (Photographer - Torben Nielsen


Acoustic Technology conducts research into sound and vibration. Our research is focused on the generation and transmission of sound, passive and active noise control, transducer technology, advanced acoustic measurement techniques, room acoustic modelling and design, and effects of new building materials on sound transmission. 


The ultimate objective of our research is to develop improved technological solutions for communication within room acoustics, loudspeakers and hearing aids and noise control within transportation noise, vibration control, noise in buildings and the propagation of outdoor noise. Our PhD students carry out a substantial part of our research.

Working in close collaboration with Acoustic Technology, the newly established Centre for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems (CAMM) focuses on precompetitive research within mechanics, acoustics and acoustic-mechanical interaction for objects at the micro-scale. Advanced dynamics and optimization being an important part of the future research. The CAMM centre is partially funded by the three large hearing aid companies; GN Resound, Widex and Oticon and staff members come from both DTU Department of Electrical Engineering and DTU Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

We work in close collaboration with Danish and foreign universities as well as with Danish and foreign companies.