Research fields

The research at Acoustic Technology is divided into four broad research fields:

  • Sound Field Analysis and Measurements
  • Electroacoustics and Transducer Technology
  • Structure-borne Sound
  • Architectural Acoustics

1) Sound Field Analysis and Measurements: Sound and Vibration is concerned with fundamental aoucstic wave phenomena, including generation, transmission, relection, diffraction, scattering and absorption of sound wave propagation in structures and fluid-structure interaction. 

2) Electroacoustics and Transducer Technology: Electro acoustics deals with recording and reproduction of sound. The quality of the reproduced sound depends highly on the properties of the microphones and loudspeaker in the signal chain, due to the influence of their frequency response, directivity and nonlinear effects.

3) Structure-borne Sound: Vibration of mechanical systems and waves in solid structures in the audible frequency rang are subjects which form an integral part of engineering acoustics. The study of the phenomena of such vibrations and waves are called structure-borne sound, structural acoustics or vibro-acoustics; the three terms can be considered equivalent and interchangeable. Thus, vibro-acoustic is the study of the mechanical waves in structures and how they interact with and radiate into adjacent media

4) Architectural Acoustics: The tendency in building technology is toward lightweight materials. This presents a challenge for acousticians both because lightweight building structures are prone to have poor sound insulation compared with conventional heavy constructions, and because of the fact that the established, standardised models for predicting transmission of sound in buildings are unreliable for lightweight buildings.

Thus current building acoustic research is concerned with the development of reliable and efficient prediction models for lightweight building structures. The room acoustic research is directed at room acoustic modelling and at subjective aspects of sound in rooms.